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The Routine


Sitting and drinking 

a cup of coffee at the corner cafe


The morning is already 

stiff with warmth

Watching the shops in full force

As people make their way 

with shopping and work


Smells of already grilled meats 

for the lunch crowd soon to come

Continuing to read the newspaper 

and sipping 


The right ear cocks

As a dog is being chased 

by a few boys 


The loud bus stops 

Blocking the raise of 

the sun with its old 

metal body and fumes 

brings in new promise 

for the merchants 

along two nuns


Another sign of the day’s promise


A mother holding her baby 

in her arm and hip 

and a toddler by the other hand 

guiding him forward


She seems to have them in 

pleasant calm as she gets 

off the last step of the bus


Almost routined

The laughter of men at 

the cafe grab their morning coffee 

and warm buttered bread on the go

A tale of workers already making 

their first coffee break of the day

From the brick laying job across the street


A man in red crocs plays the 

accordion filling the air with the 

already music fullness of the day

The sun starts spewing it’s heat 

and sweat for all 


The coffee is almost finished

The view of the street filling 

up with people as all say 

hello to the days routine   

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