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Greeting The Three Crows  


When I can’t bury you

I lift you to the stars

Like that of when you

described when I was born

The day was long cool yet warm

The crows came in three,

but can’t see the
height they see

I can’t bury you
but I look in the clouds for some silver

Seems the steps to climb to the heavens are too high

but I am sure
when the window opens the crows will fly

Why did they come in three?

It can be something

said that you can’t be buried

So, stay close in
my heart that missed the opportunity
and she too didn’t get a chance
to say bye

The heavens are too high

for even the crows to reach

Maybe I will
climb down at this point for fear of falling

I will greet the crows
on my way to the ground

that I couldn’t bury you in
and stay until
I see you again.

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