Memories Series -

This series, inspired by my own personal experience, was created to bring awareness to the challenges faced by individuals and families suffering from the devastating effects of dementia.  The idea of these translucent "orbs of memories" escaping the minds of various human figures gives life to this phenomenon.

Reaction Series - 

Reaction is a collection of watercolor paintings highlighting human behavior and the desire to develop more efficiency and instant gratification in all of its ways, but not realizing the damage that occurs when seeking such desires.

Negative Space | Positive Outlook Series -

As the world can sometimes be cold & negative this collection challenges the negative thoughts & voids in our lives with positive outlook of strength, courage, compassion, awareness and love.

These Thoughts Series - 

A collection explores the connection between the mind, heart, and soul.  These paintings were created during some of the artists' purest moments of thoughts and emotions.