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It is a great honor to be part of the Atlanta High School Art Exhibition (AHSAE) and The Georgia Watercolor Society’s Judy Greenberg Scholarship ProgramI have been fortunate to co-juror for the Atlanta High School Art Exhibition with Director Becky Raffalovich and other professional artists in this important program for the past four years and six years with the Georgia Watercolor Society's Judy Greenberg Scholarship Program.  

Before that time I had been thinking of ways to give back to my community and have found an opportunity to encourage others through these organizations.  I created an award called The LUCY Award which is given in honor of my great Aunt Lucy Colon.  It is presented to a student who represents creativity and ability to convey their story with unequivocal passion. The art pieces of these students are displayed every year at Atlanta's Annual Dogwood Festival. 


LUCY Award
My great Aunt Lucy always encouraged my creativity. She had a teemed love for all forms of art and stressed the importance of sharing it. Even though she is no longer with us, her memory and love is a constant and I choose to honor her by presenting and encouraging other young artists. It is my hope that these artists continue to pursue their stories and inspire those who have the privilege in viewing their work. 


John L. Brooks Art Achievement Award

In honor of my late father-in-law John L. Brooks, I created this Art Achievement Award for a student that represents his love for encouraging, inspiring and the importance of communicating ideas and fostering leadership. He always encouraged so many to lead and put forth our best in everything we set out to accomplish. It is my hope that this student can continue to bring forth this leadership and inspiration in all they do. 

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