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Tomorrow Morning

I woke up this morning hungry and dazed

Ready for school, and yet not Hoping to get something to eat
at the school cafeteria,

and wondering if I would get beat up or name called again

Mom is high on drugs and moaning
in her bed

Dad in jail or better yet dead Who knows?

Sometimes my uncle will come by, and give me a dollar or two,
and say stay in school and away from drugs with a smile,

and I’ll think what a freaking fool

No idea how else to be, or do School day is over with breakfast,

and lunch but tonight

I will have nothing to eat
I then hope that the sweet
lunch lady Ms. Mary
will be kind again, and give me an extra milk carton,

and a banana for the weekend to come

I cry at that thought of the weekend,
I dread to come

No story other than I can swallow a crow,

and realize that
no one that should care, cares

I try not to lose it, as I think

Hope can be the best of things

But for now, I will just cry myself to sleep

in hopes that I won’t
wake up tomorrow morning.

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