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Georgia Watercolor Society Exhibit 2015

Welcome to my first ever PLA blog...

I had the opportunity to exhibit my watercolor painting "Where Is My Refuge" in October for the Georgia Watercolor Society at the ART Station in Stone Mountain. I was super excited and not aware of what to expect. It was my first one and I will never to forget it. It was a wonderful event with talented people.

You may wonder why the fuss? Well, I was always shy as a kid and often placed others first. As I explained to a friend recently I am always the supporting actor and never the lead. I always thought things like this doesn't and shouldn't happen to me, but it seems like chance for the lead has come my way and I am happy to oblige. For a little bit...

If you have a dream go for it and be the lead. Even if it's for a little bit. You'll be happy you did.

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