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Things Just Take Time!

So lately I have been reading and hearing from a few artists about artist identity, how it’s all about pushing better art, and how things take time. It seems that patience is a virtue that I am acquiring the hard way. I have been running around wondering what I could do to push my art and have it seen. I was feeling almost lost and sad. Although family and friends have been great supporters, it seems that I was losing myself within thoughts of “Can I do this?” and “Do I have what it takes?”. When I should have been seeing that I already “am doing this” and “I do have what it takes”. I have already planted my seeds and now I just have to wait patiently so I can reap the harvest later. Things just take time! So don't give up or give in just keep doing your art.

I love to hear your thoughts on my blog. I welcome you to leave a message there :)

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