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Who Me An Artist?

So, a few days ago I read a few articles about artists, and something dawned on me… After over 20 years of designing fabrics, rugs and carpets for companies, I never saw or considered myself an artist. A designer yes! But never have I thought of myself as an artist. This intrigued me because I always considered artists to be at a different realm of freedom and creativity than that of a carpet, fabric or surface designer who creates images envisioned by others. It was certainly an enlightening moment! It sounds funny as I write this but it was a revelation that I was certainly not prepared for. It was truly eye opening, inspirational and good for my spirit.

Hence the reason why I write this blog entry today! So, when those bills need to be paid and real world kicks the door in on your creativity, try not leave all the art stuff to the side. I’d say keep working at your art and know that if you never thought of yourself as an artist think again and reach out and share your art and voice in whatever form it may come in. It will be heard and loved by many. As I say, “Being an artist is not just finding your voice but sharing it with others”.

I now know what that means.

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